October 28, 2006

Aunt Irma's dress

This is the dress I'm making for my younger son's wedding. I ordered the thread from which was really cool. We have 7 different brands of the same colors here, but they had a lovely selection including the winter white I was looking for.
I'm duplicating this one in size 3 with size 20 thread and an 8, 1.25mm steel hook, but will make 2 others with size 10 thread in size 5. Also increasing the needle size on the skirt as I progress.
This dress was made by my daughter-in-laws Aunt Irma for her grandmother. Her mother and aunts wore it, as did she and her sister. I'm happy that this new one will be one my granddaughters can wear.


Cocoa Cream said...

Kudos on starting your own blog! That is a gorgeous dress! I hope some day I can make things like far I'm still mastering the art of the rectangle! :o) lol

Love your header, too, by the way...I've never read that verse in the msg before, but it captures the meaning so well!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Are you selling the pattern? I would love 2 make one 4 my dd.

Josie said...

Beautiful! Are you selling the patterns for this dress?

crochet is everything else said...

Sorry, no pattern yet. I am reading it and crocheting as I go. Right now, I'm crocheting a christening gown based on this and another christening gown.

thanks for asking

Anonymous said...


I think you have a good looking blog and that's a great picture of your dog.