November 20, 2007

Audrey's dress

I finished Audrey's dress in time for the Baptism, but I didn't have time to finish dresses for the little girls like I originaly planned. I was originally going to crochet 3 little dresses based on an antique dress made by my daughter-in-laws Great great Aunt Irma. It was worn by several generations of Beth's family and is still beautiful. They wanted a modern copy and I wanted to crochet this antique pattern as a tribute to Irma. The timeline changed and I decided to make a smaller version for Audrey. The first one was too small (premie or doll size) so I started over, adapting a modern bodice with more lacework and different sleeves and using Irma's lace pattern for the skirt. The finished product was photographed by Kristen Bednarz at the wedding/baptism celebration. I don't have permission to show it, though those photos may be my all time favorite pictures of my kids and their beautiful baby.
Here are some pictures of the dress on a hanger and a close up above.

The dress pattern (at least the skirt portion) or stitch pattern is located as a file on my Yahoo group, Crochet is everything else!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dress, wonderful work!

cupcake said...

Wow that is stunning! What a beautiful gown to become an Heirloom. So much love has gone into that you must feel so proud to have finihed it. said...

Hi! my name is joanna, I like your dress very much, and I want my mother to do it for my niece.I should be very much obliged if you could send me the pattern.
my email is:
thank you very much!