October 19, 2008

Hats and quilts I'v made this fall...

I made a quilt for my friend Kristen's new baby.(the pink one here).

I had made one of my first quilts for their son. I also made a quilt for my friend Regina's second son this summer. I called it Under Texas skies because she moved to the hill country from West Texas. It has stars and whirlygigs (for the wind) and fiesta fabric for San Antonio (not Austin, but near there). The princess quilt is for my granddaughter Bailey who turned 4 in September. It was the first one I've machine quilted in freemotion quilting on my Pfaff.

The hats are for my granddaughter Audrey, who is now a very busy toddler, except for the peapod hat. It will probably go to Evyn.

This hat and quilt is for Jennifer's new baby. The hat pattern is from Caps to the Capital, a national project a few years ago to make crocheted and knit hats for 3rd world children by Save the and Warmup America. The quilt pattern is the one I've made the most, Patience Corners, and the fabrics were chosen by my daugher-in-law, Jennifer's sister. She used some of them to make her first patchwork project for her new niece.


memawphd said...

All your work is gorgeous. I love quilts but have no patience with hand sewing!! so I crochet the blankets my grandkids want. The Princess quilt would be a favorite of MY 4 year old granddaughter too.

Denise said...

thanks for your kind words!