November 19, 2013

What a year!

Can't  believe it's been a year since I posted. A terrible year in so many ways, but still a year filled with lots of crochet. Not so many quilts, but I did finish, (with help), a quilt for my long time friend, Jaree. Right after the last post, I started having health problems. Instead of improving, they multiplied and I was diagnosed with a form of incurable cancer in February. Not a good time...but one filled with tremendous blessings (in retrospect).  My friends and family have been awesome. God has been AMAZINGLY AWESOME! I am ending this year filled with hope and looking toward a future (shorter maybe) but still a future full of good things. I hope to be able to fulfill the promise of Romans 12, verses 1 and 2, to take my every day life and place it before God as an offering. 

I am crocheting - lots of hats in case I lose my hair. It has thinned but not gone. However, it is going in January because I will be getting some chemo that guarantees it... So, I am making hats. This month, I've been making hats for Audrey and Beth too. Hats to wear to the Tech game against UT (GO TECH!). They are knit with chevron stripes in fair isle, in gray, red and black, of course!

For myself, a really cool knit out of Noro, a nice denim one from Knit Picks Brava worsted using a pattern from Bitchin' Knit/ Irish Hiking Hat, and maybe a few from and their A series - W01 - I wanted to buy every colorway. They are simply unbelievable. 

Made a few more hats in the summer, too. Made a cool ipad bag from fulled crochet. If I can find pics I will post them. In meantime, I am thankful to have cancer in remission and to be able to crochet.

This month I am hoping to make some scarves for next year's Special Olympics. Their colors are black and red! and they need to be 6-7 inches and 54-60 inches. Want to help? You can make some too. Go to for details.

What a year it has been. I am truly blessed. 

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