December 6, 2010

New vest and Cell Phone Purse or "Extra Pocket"

I love to crochet and I love vests! I don't make very many  things for myself but I do enjoy making vests and small purses. This wk I made both. The vest from "I love this yarn"  Pomegranate stripe (3 skeins) from Hobby Lobby and the purse in an "expensive" yarn - at least for me - Berocco origami - 1 skein (50 gms) for $8 from Hill Country Weavers in Austin.

Vest Pattern is the x and o stitch or Kisses and Hugs interspersed with dc. Sample on earlier post, row of double (or single) crochet followed by cross or X stitch (kisses), row of dc (or sc) and row of dc, ch1 (hugs)

Purse is sc magic square slightly elongate (25 sts), with row of dc X stitches 6 or 7 rows below top.

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